Antique Estate Auction – Saturday January 31 2015 Prices Realized

Discovery Listing Session 1: Starting @ 11 AM, over 250 discovery lots to be sold

There will be no images or internet bidding for Session 1

Toleware Water Pitcher 12 Coffee Grinders (3 w/ glass jars)
Round Candle Box 4 Wall Mount Coffee Grinders
10 Kerosein Lamps 6 Counter Top Coffee Grinders
Whale Oil Stove 16 Glass & Pottery Lightning Rod Balls
Banquet Lamp w/ Yellow Shade Spongeware Bucket & Bowl
4 Wall Sconces 5 Small Brass Fuel Lamps
14 Railroad Lanterns Lot of Miniature Kerosene Lamps
7 Kerosin Lamps 9 Assorted Duck Decoys
8 Odd Lamps 2 Iron Scales w/ Brass Dials
Oak Sewing Box 13 in. Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock
Lg. Jar of Bobbers 2 Pc Marble Top Bedroom Set
Jar of Pie Crimpers Victorian High Back Bed
Student Lamp w/ Green Shade Marble Top Coffee Table
Miller Student Lamp w/ Green Shade Victorian Marble Top Dresser
Jr. Rochester w/ Painted Shade 2 Leather Trunks
2 Sm Kerosin Lamps Angle Lamp w/ White Shades
Country Store Display Case Turtle Top Marble Top Table
Selection of Bottles & Pickle Jars Double Dial Mantle Clock
Iron Kerosein Lamp Dome Top Chest
3 Oil Bottles 4 Drawer Marble Top Bachelors Chest
Clarks Spool Cabinet Collection 19th Century Glasses
Spool Cabinet Childs Boots
Spool Cabinet Collection of 21 Bells
11 Pencil Sharpeners Walnut Sewing Stand
3 Chemical Fire Extinguishers Curved Showcase
Oak Postal Sorter 2 Clarks Spool Cabinets
Box of Odd Tools 2 Counter top Showcases
24 Tabacco Tins 16 Sm Kerosein Lamps
Natl Biscut Co. Display Case Blue & White Homespun
6 Shaving Mugs Leaded Glass Table Lamp
Sm Leather Trunk Oval Marble Top Table
Peanut Roaster 2 O G Clocks
Dome Top Chest 2 Half Column Mantle Clocks
8 Lighting Balls 4 Wall Clocks
Advertising Tins Chempleve Lamp
5 Specialty Lanterns Green Desk Lamp w/ 2 Reflectors
7 Lanterns, 1 w/ blue & 1 w/ Green Shade Collection of Mouse Traps
5 Lanterns, 1 w/ Red Shade Brass Canal Lamp
6 Lanterns Romantic Wash Bowl & Pitcher
15 pcs. Stoneware Pairpoint Puffy Boudoir Lamp w/ Crack
12 Stoneware Beer Bottles 2 Philco Radios
15 Stoneware Beer Bottles 5 O G Clocks
3 Jugs, 2 Crocks 3 Kitchen Clocks
6 Stoneware Pitchers 13 Fire Extinguishers
2 Jugs Lamp Parts
3 Batter Jugs Early Hose Reel
7 Crocks 10 Fire Extinguishers
12 Crocks Hanging Lamp Parts
14 Stoneware Bottles Parade Belts
5 Stoneware Bottles Firemans Hats & Buckles
12 Stoneware Beer Bottles Angle Lamp Parts
2 Duck Decoys Clark Ovoid Jug
10 Fire Extinguishers Ink Bottles
10 Fire Extinguishers 2 General Store Hanging Lamps
5 Fire Extinguishers Iron Horse Hanging Lamp
15 Stoneware Pieces Brass Hanging Lamp
3 Stoneware Pieces Hanging Lamp
14 Stoneware Bottles 5 Camp Stoves
2 Fire Bombs Collection of Ice Skates
4 Rubber Stamp Holders w/ Stamps 3 Fire Nozzles
Box of Inkwells Lamp Parts
4 Tractor Seats Double Dial Wall Clock
Box of Butter Molds Hanging Lamp
3 Angle Bracket Lamps Collection of Inkwells
Vaseline Glass Double Student Lamp Iron Hanging Lamp
13 Globes Marble Top Lamp Table
Lot of Smalls, Jewelry, & Watches Victorian Sofa
Arabian Cafe Bank Turtle Top Marble Top Table
7 Mini Irons Walnut Cylinder Secretary
Lot of 7 Duck Decoys 16 pcs Stoneware
Pull Down Lamp Pie Cafe
3 Glass & Tin Diamond Pat. Oil Cans Persain Rug
Box of Irons Hanging Brass Lamp
4 Blickensderfer Typewriters Triple Angle Lamp
Pulldown Lamp 5 Stoneware Pieces
Box of Lighting Pr Dolphin Candlesticks
Lamp Globes 3 Carraige Clocks
Double Angle Lamp Double Angle Lamp
4 Camp Stoves Collection of Egg Scales
Angle Lamps Rd Boston Trunks
Hanging Lamps Lamp Parts
Advertising Items Leather Dome Top Trunk
Consolodated Lamp Apple Corers
Kitchen Utensils Wrought Kerosein Lamp
Lg Mortar & Pestle Tin Kerosein Lamp
4 Wall Lanterns Table Lamp W/ Brass Shade
13 Mini Kerosene Lamps 3 Kerosein Lamps
Cork Screws General Store Lamp
5 Wooden Flasks Sm Oriental Rug
Hanging Lamp w/ Parts Box of Shades
Advertising Items Leaded Shade
Box of Smalls Iron Horse Lamp
Angle Sconce w/ Blue Shade 5 Flutes
Lamps & Misc Target Balls
Revolutionary War Utensils 19 pc. Stoneware
15 Miniature Lanterns w/ Clear Shades 15 pc. Stoneware
6 Copper Lanterns (1 w/ Green Shade) 15 pc. Stoneware
6 Dietz Lanterns 15 pc. Stoneware
5 Oil/Kerosene Lamps Lot of Shades
9 Oil Lamps Selection of Trunks
8 Glass Font Oil Lamps 2 Musket Caps
3 Typewriters (Oliver & Hammond) 10 Plaques w/ Bullets
Lot of 6 Duck Decoys Carbine Advertising Poster
Lot of 6 Cork & Canvas Duck Decoys Kerosein Lamp Heater
Lot Duck, Shorebird & Goose Decoys 11 Pitchforks
Corn Huskers 2 Country Store Lamps
Corkscrews 2 Fly Traps
Box of Fire Extinguishers Umbrella Stand
4 Fire Nozzles 2 Needle Cabinets
4 Pcs Old Sleepy Eye Spool Cabinet
7 Single Angle Lamps J&P Coats Spool Cabinet
11 White Angle Shades Willimantic Spool Desk
7 Angle Globes, 5 Angle Shades Collection of Pin Cushions
4 Triple Angle Lamps (No Globes) 4 Dr Spool Cabinet
Angle Lamp Parts Sm Double Kerosin Lamp

Antique Estate Auction

Saturday,?January 31, 2015 @ 11AM

Previews: Fri. 10AM ? 5PM? Sat. 8AM ? 11AM

We have been commissioned to sell the complete contents of a Hockessin DE. estate, over 1000 items to be sold, including antique furniture, paintings, firearms, stoneware, duck decoys, country store, coins, civil war, apple corers, butter churns, coffee grinders, banks, canteens, tip trays, swords, postcards, arrow heads, powder flasks, pen collection, angle lamps, skater lamps, black memorabilia, pencil sharpeners, tobacco cutters, miniature planes, spool cabinets, sponge ware, mousetraps, typewriters, radios, fire extinguishers, parade belts, ink bottles, camp stoves, Mettlach steins, pie crimpers, tobacco tins, peanut butter tins, shaving mugs, fire bombs, lodge badges, advertising mirrors, pins, letter openers & shoe horns, plus hundreds of related accessories many of which have been packed in the attic and cellar for decades.

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Furniture by John Belter, R.J. Horner, Herter Bros, John Jeliff, J&JW Meeks, Thomas Brooks, Gustav Stickley, Limbert etc.

Lighting by Tiffany, Handel, Duffner & Kimberly, Pairpoint, Williamson etc.

18th, 19th & 20th Century American & European Fine Art, Bronze & Marble Statuary, Sterling Silver, Asian Items, Porcelains, Clocks & Watches, Music Boxes, Art Glass & Cameo Glass, Gold & Diamond Jewelry, Coins, Pottery, Russian Items, Brilliant Cut Glass, Porcelains, Toys & Dolls, Mechanical & Still Banks, Decorated Stoneware, Nautical Items, Firearms & Military Items.

BBB-A+ Fontaine's Auction

AUCTIONEER: JOHN FONTAINE, Mass. Auctioneers License # 327